Thursday, February 23, 2006

Be afraid

Your tired notions of "the market" make our eyes glaze over. We don't recognize ourselves in your projections—perhaps because we know we're already elsewhere.

We like this new marketplace much better. In fact, we are creating it.

We are looking to experience, not to observe.

We are not scientists, we are strategists.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inspired Traditional

My BUBBLES!!!! Now this is a great magazine ad. People LOVE playing with packing bubbles. I would rip that out and carry it around with me and pop them in peoples ears when they zoned out, the acheived reaction would be startling the dozer. In response to the dozer's jolting and strange grunting sound, I would laugh. Doing this until the bubbles were gone would surely make me tired, and thirsty. BINGO...

Advice to Young Planners

Advice to young planners
1) See the world differently to everyone else
2) Try to be interesting first and right second
3) Read weird shit it always come in handy
4) Speak in analogies – the more bizarre the better
5) Even if the thinking that you are forced to go with isn’t the most inspiring always know you had a better strategy up your sleeve
6) Think about brands and categories you don’t work on – develop latent strategies for these – it is good practice and they may be useful at some point
7) Think and communicate clearly always – radical doesn’t mean complicated

Reading this was like reading a life confirmation specified to me. Its okay to pretend that you are from another planet, make-up stuff to sound cooler, memorize and quote "weird shit", speak in analogies much like Ricky Martin and Carson Daley concieved a love child through immaculate conception and named it Fakar then went on to create a family band and tour the UK, be freakishly obsessed with advertising and brands, come up with strategies in your sleep, and speak to people like they are little children.