Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things To Look Forward To:

I stand firmly by my belief that I could have learned more with a library card than with a college education... maybe. Neither here nore there, in the coming days / weeks I will be reviewing the following books:

+ The Dip
+ All Marketers Are Liars

You May Recognize Me From...

Here are some of my latest articles that have been posted to iF! Check out iF! and get your daily digest of inspiration.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Crazy It Just Might Work

I've been mulling over this wacky advolutionary idea for a while now. It's absolutely insane and would not, could not work. But, maybe it could.

Advertising agencies are notorious for having their love / hate relationship with their clients: "Yes, they feed me, but they also turn my soul black and my heart to stone."

Well. WHAT IF... there was a "dream team" of advertising geniuses that happened to assemble themselves together without ego or obstacle? And, WHAT IF, they did something that no agency has done before?

This agency is called Me and the Wildcard.

Me and the Wildcard is an agency that has something every client would clammor for -- but it comes at a price. A wild price.

In order to get the dream team working for your brand, a client would have to agree to the "wildcard clause", being that they could be dense A-holes about most everything except 10% of everything. Yes, 10% of any advertising initiative would be dedicated to the Wildcard. The Wildcard would be one of those ideas that are created that are absolutely brilliant, but a little scary, too. You know, the ideas that the client "appreciates" but kindly abstains from. They are the ideas that would change things.

The Wildcard could be a fun and interactive way to "pump" your client up, too. The Agency could set it up game-show style: door #1, 2, and 3.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obama's Intergrated Marketing Campaign

Preface: This post is NOT an endorsment.

Barack Obama's politcal campaign is a force. It has spawned spontaneous and unsolicited grassroots efforts. It has attracted big name celebrities. And, it has reached out to a modern era in a modern way. Most importantly, it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously.

This political marketing campaign has evolved in an organic way that mimics the politician's own political style which seems to project: innovation, change and a departure from tradition.

Here are a couple of gems from his campaign thus far.

A catchy tagline.

Barack'n'Roll. (Sure, it's a pun, but it's also smart, catchy and relevant. It almost reminds me of a CPB Mini Ad?)

Great Guerrilla Marketing.

Note: This poster was created by the king of guerrilla street marketing: Shepard Bush or "Obey". As Fallon's blog says

"This as a significant endorsement because street artists, in general, tend to be anti-helping-the-man. They are known for being anti-this and anti-that, but rarely, if ever do we see them promoting a politician, or a presidential candidate for that matter. Not to mention Obey has quite the following. Equally, if not more significant, is that the Obama camp appears to be embracing the endorsement."

User generated Viral Videos.

(Ok, so I am not sold that this proves that Hillary's election as president would result in an Orwellean society, but kudos on the use of the "best ad in history" to prove your point.)

Can we say web 2.0?


Celebrity Endorsements.

So, not only do we have Oprah bringing her powerful "Oprah effect" to the table, but today we find that Maria Shriver, first lady to Republican Govornater and known Mccain supporter Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsing the charming candidate, too.

And these two women are only a sliver of the star power that is lighting this campaign. We've got names like: Clooney, Pitt, Johannson, Caroline Kennedy - daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Sidney Poitier and Bradford Marsalis, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Isaiah Washington, Tyra Banks, Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Hill Harper. To name a few.

"Niche" marketing.

So, it's not the most sophisticated niche marketing we've ever seen -- but still.

Unbelievable speach making.

Powerful and consistent messaging.

Change. Change. Change.

And then there's this:

"That shit is hot" - Zack Marker

He's changed the game.

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