Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Great Breifs Beget Great Work

I've just returned from Miami where among being treated to one of the greatest vacations of my life, I was able to participate and witness the newest advert that Sony will be blessing us with in the near future.

What I found most interesting was the brief given to Fallon UK by Sony, stating simply to be: Like No Other. The "Like No Other" brief was first manifested in the 2005 bouncing ball extravaganza, followed by an orchestra of exploding paint and in 2007 showcased a bazillion Play-doh bunnies hopping amongst an amazed crowd.

Well, the lasted installment of Like No Other manifested in Miami where a giant bubble machine and a crew of over 150 members helped capture a truly stunning event: Foam City.

I've written a bit about it at iF! with more information to be coming through the next days.

As this blog is about advolution and my mantra is: Fear is the enemy, I would like to point out that this work is the product of a very brave client giving a very creative agency a very brave brief, and more extraodinarily, sticking to it.

Bouncy Balls:

Exploding Paint:

Play-Doh Bunnies:

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Blogger Sakkis said...

Hope you don't mind but I totally bit these from you. I completely forgot about them. Amazing.

5:09 PM  

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