Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Model For The Successful Modern Brand: Britney Spears

In the ninties there was no one easier to hate than Britney. Her bubblegum pop and obvious lack of talent was... obvious. She was a record company creation- a lowest common denominator hit factory. And the hits came.

Do I need to go on? We were all there.

I was among the most adamant of her critics.

Then something happened. She began this downward spiral. Suddenly, we all realized that cute accent wasn't all she brought with her from the trailer - it was ugly. It was fantastic. We all watched even closer.

It got uglier.

Do I need to go on? We were all there.

Then she surprised us all; she released a great product- Blackout.

She did not try to tell us she changed; she did not beg the photogs to leave her alone; she did not even ask us to forgive her.

She shoved her "personality" in our face.

And we loved it. I love it.

In fact, I am listing to her now - and I KNOW her.