Thursday, March 08, 2007

today was that first of the "culture team" meetings I have joined. Their goal is to re-invent and build the agency culture.

A visionary at the agency said "I think, at the end of this, we should make the leadership team feel very uncomfortable"

I wrote at the top of my binder "make people feel uncomfortable"

Its just something we should do - no specific context.

Make leadership feel uncomfortable - that's how you know it isn't the same

Make the team feel uncomfortable - great is never good enough; exhale in July.

Make other teams uncomfortable - they should fear our Bar

Make judges uncomfortable - asking themselves if it can be done; if they deserve their jobs.

Today we will be making the client uncomfortable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Evan said...

This is not a blog about client service.

This is a blog about pushing the envelope, a blog about the fire in the eyes and hearts of those who consider themselves Ad People.

This is a blog for people who embrace change, not guard against it. And a place for the offspring of the tidal wave you mention, to experience and share experiences around this exciting new frontier.

YES: we are naive, inexperienced and inappropriately excited.

YES: we will be shot down, thrown up and disciplined by people like you. I expect we will learn from it.

We are not here to be lectured on "The Real World" - "The Real World" seems to have a way of beating it's cynicism in you. We are here to keep our spirit and passion alive.

But thanks for the concern; I'm mostly just happy that someone read this.

1:52 PM  
Blogger The Actress said...


I did not write this post.

But I can quote this...

"great ideas are often resisted because the shift the balance of power"

I dont think he means to make them uncomfortable in in inappropriate way, but rather in way where we are pushing a brand further, finding new solutions. This can often scare a brand.

I also don't appreciate your language and your anonymity.

I think you take this blog all wrong. It is about being brave enough to evolve. After all, the only thing that is constant is change and few are able to embrace change. But to embrace change is to embrace success.

Mavericks are not bad people. Just because people question the way things are doesn't make them dangerous. It is because of fear that these people are scorned though they are the only people who have ever created anything truly great.

Why do anything if it is not worth sticking your head out? To keep your job? To appease mediocrity?

I don't go against the grain for the sake of going against the grain. I go against the grain because it is the only way to get noticed.

I still will always urge to ask question. Start with What if. Dare to be different. Dare to scare.

If it weren't for the people who asked what if, we would not be who we are today.

Clients do not pay for comfort. They pay for results. Sometimes, results can call for change and change scares people. Thats all.

8:12 AM  
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