Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So, I was thinking about Jews -

and blogging.

Strangely enough the two have something in common you may not have ever thought about. Stay with me.

So, a blog, nowadays, is basically a glorified diary. I can attest to this because a whole 2 people read this (including myself). But, blogs are supposed to be a tool for "change agents," or so I'm told. And yet, 11 million + blogs later - have any actually changed the world?

Now, you think they would have a better chance than a diary. A diary that has the reach of you and maybe your mother and nosy housekeeper. That, while a blog has the capabilities to reach millions, possibly billions of people. But how many actually do.

Now, there is an exceptionally famous diary made by an exceptionally famous Jewish girl. You may have heard of her; her name is Anne Frank and quite arguably she and her diary changed the world.

I'm not sure where this all is going, it is seeming to culminate in 3 thoughts:

1. Maybe you've got to be against all odds to have a shot in hell at true greatness
2. The blog phenomenom, like many advertising (or message) mediums is already being exausted and needs an advolution
3. Who did Miss Frank's publicity?

Immmmmm sleepy. peace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On your three thoughts:

1. Going against the odds gives you a better shot at greatness. Agreed.

2. The Blog phenomenon is just beginning and is far from exhausted.

3. You're doing the PR for Anne Frank nicely...and we at The Disney Channel did also...and earned an Academy Award for it, too...


6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting ideas but you may be going overboard with the Jew analogy. Unless you plan on having a Nazi do your PR, perhaps you should leave the holocaust out of your ad analogies? I don't think Russell Davies would like that.

3:16 PM  
Blogger The Actress said...

Now that I revisit this, I see that the blogger is not a lone ranger on a rant to save the world but rather a part of a community of people steadfastly dedicated to change.

It is not the blogger that has changed the world, but the blog. ? maybe ?

3:08 AM  

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