Thursday, December 28, 2006

Its catching on...

I just read a friend's note on my facebook account and it re-energized me about my purpose and the purpose of this here blog. Well, at least part of the purpose.

I try to expel fear, because I truly believe that fear is the enemy of creativity.

My friend is trying to make it in the entertainment industry and I'm sure nobody is awed by that, but maybe we should be.

It is a lot like bringing your ideas to the chopping board at the feet of the client, I can tell you. Except, in advertising we bring our ideas, and although we get pissed off when our idea is exalted as divine, in entertainment, you are bringing you to the chopping board. One of the great things about being a creative is the fact that our idea ability has no known capacity, we can come up with an infinite number of brilliant ideas, ideally. But in the entertainment industry, there is only one you.

So, if you are in advertising and you are afraid, think about that. Think about the fact that you can always come up with another idea. And stop pissing your pants. That smells.

Be brave. Be better. Do not fear.


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