Friday, December 22, 2006


Okay, enough with being self serving as that little playful digg was ment to pester one of the few and only readers of this most humble of blogs. :)

* What this is aiming at is to provide a reference point for the advolutionaries among us. Those of us who have a great understanding of how things work now, but can't help the feeling that they are a part of the advolution. When I say rules are for assholes, I am being a little misleading. What I mean by this controversial statement is to inspire those among us who have the capabilities to push things forward, to guide things into a new age. It is a statement meant to provoke those people, those people who are capable but still functioning within the status quo or the accepted establishment because of a fear.

Fear of punishment.

Take one for the team, Assholes.

Ever feel like this?

Well, you may be an asshole.

I hope that cleared up my "rules are for assholes" manifesto. Thanks for reading, and thanks Hugh for always providing me with purrfect illustrations.


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