Thursday, November 30, 2006

Risk is the new black

Risk is everythinng.

Communication was once argued to me to be the most fundamental part of being human.

Yea, sure. Maybe.

I wasn't really convinced at the time - I mean, if this were true then why do so many of us suck at it? Why do major brands and people with lots of money and power need help doing it? Why can't most of us get the simplest of ideas across to someone of the opposite sex without confusing everything and ending up inn/out of bed with eachother.

I think communication is one of the riskiest things we do.

When we communicate, we open ourselves up to the world.

Shit. What if they don't like my ideas. What if I am not as right as I think I am. What if they don't get me.


The Actress is right, Risk is scary.

Thats why there are people like us, Ad People. People who take riskes, even when they are scared.

Ad People do so everyday - we present ideas... ideas that people can crush. We do so on behalf of brands.. if we mess up our clients can be sued, we could be fired, our clients brand could crash and burn.

Thats risky.

It's much easier to just stay quiet, then no one gets hurt.


(So I know this picture doesn't make sense here, but look, it's funny. Shit.)

*PS in the end the moral is that risk is Human.


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