Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why yes, I do hate children.

I hate kids. That's a given, but I didn't know this was an industry norm. Check out this post I just read on Copyranter. Art is cool!

The Post:


(click image)
Not YOUR kids, of course. Other people's. So, I've been laughing at this photo for, like, a week straight. It is fucking brilliant. And guess what? The photog, Tierney Gearon, is a women and a mother! And you wanna know something else? That's her mother in the mask—who's a schizophrenic manic-depressive!

No, this is not quite as existential or philosophical as I am prone to get on this blog, but it made me laugh and I thought I'd probably pass the hilarity along to you. But really, I am probably the only person that reads my blog, and even that may be just optimistic speculation. Anywho, I hope I got a good laugh out of this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schizophrenic AND manic depressive? That's definitely a household in which I would not want to be raised.


6:54 AM  

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