Monday, November 27, 2006

People often resist good ideas: Postal Vault Case study

Because good ideas often involve change and change scares people.

Fear is the enemy of creativity.

Why is it that people feel it is a risk to change when i feel it is an even bigger risk to choose not to change.

What if things are a 6, but a little change could make them an 8 but you are too scared to try something different and so you are stuck in your 6 world for eternity.

Boo. not for me.

But I did just go check out the POSTAL VAULT website.

Not much has changed over there. In fact, nothing has changed over there.

Can't say I'm suprised by that and I can't say I'm suprised that their one size fits all campaign didn't work out for them.

Haven't they heard, one size fits all doesn't fit anybody.

Have you thought about that lately, POSTAL VAULT.


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