Friday, November 24, 2006

Perception vs. Reality

If all transactions with others, whether they be business or personal, are relationships, then all relationships suffer from a Perception vs. Reality conundrum.

There is no such thing as reality.

Well, there is, but it goes by the alias perception.

What DOOO I mean?

Precisely this:

Relationships involve two or more people. People, businesses, brands, messages, communication are all very complex beings. Very, very complex. Within these relationships there is a little monster called interpretation. This is all that matters. This is why, at least a "shared", reality cannot exist.

Its all dependent on one's interpretation of the relationship. So where you may think that you are giving your consumer or significant other everything they could ever desire, they may feel the exact opposite.

This is the perception. This is the REALITY. And it is more important than your own.

So watch and LISTEN. Shut up for a minute and observe their perception, because in truth, their perception is your reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is more effective?

Changing their perception via abrasive "advertising" (by this i mean what advertising is often used for.. to change opinion or brand perception.

or changing your own idea of the space in which you occupy (I.E. Branding based on your customers perception of you.

7:31 PM  
Blogger The Actress said...

Whats more important is understanding the brand. Are you communicating properly. I dont think that the advertising needs to abrasive in order for a brand perception to change. It just needs to be appropriate or inappropriate, depending on who you ask.

You cant "rebrand". Well, you can, but hopefully you created a good brand to begin with. But, you can change the way you communicate.

Like the post said, its not what you say, its what they hear.

So, if they hear incorrectly, say it again in a way that can interpret your message correctly.

Of course, other problems may occur. Maybe you've chosen the wrong audience.
Remember, making the choice to please everybody usually ends up in pleasing nobody.

So start with the niche. thats obvious advice.

On the other hand, if your brand sucks, then hire me.

Thank you.

3:00 PM  

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