Wednesday, October 18, 2006

M upside down is W

Precisely. I don't think this title could be any more clear. Its so simple, stupid! Just turn the M upside down of a given word, and the word of today is : ME.

For years we in the advertising world have been the term "me generation". In this generation, advertising was made in a way that seemed specialized to each and every individual. We had target markets named after one person: refrence Mike and Kate of NSAC past (just don't look at the visual presentation - Heyoooo! Who was in charge of that anyways? I forget, blast.)

Where was I? Right, ME, just where I want to be. Not anymore. Gone are the days of consumer made advertising. Strangely enough, it is Yahoo! that is grasping to this "original" content concept for dear life.

ME = WE.

WE are now in the "We Generation". People want to be connected to one another. People want to belong. People want a place to call there own whether it be a branded city (see more of this later) or a web community (think Myspace), its time we target the community.

But what does community mean. Is community the new culture? Especially here in this NATION that is in its nature a melting pot. We are called CULTURELESS. But, little bugs, this is untrue.

We have our own cultures, defined on our own terms. They are not confined to RACE, RELIGION, or LANGUAGE. Im sorry, but this view is outdated and unapplicable.

The younger we go, the more this is true. We are connected through similarities in our own cultural definitions.

Think of a company culture. It is not weighed down by silly statistics that MEAN NOTHING and make your eyes bleed. They are defined by more ABSTRACT qualities.

When you ask me about my companies culture, that company being Circle Advertising, I say to you rebellious, creative and sexy. Not 5 african americans, not 3 spanish speakers. We are connected to each other by what we have in common intellectually.

Brands can learn from this. Brands know this. THINK ABOUT IT.

What connects us to each other can connect us to a brand if a brand proves itself to be a part of a culture, or at least understand it.


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