Monday, October 09, 2006

5 Ways to Teach People to be More Innovative

- Bob Sutton, The D-School @ Stanford University

I found this while perusing through my many industry blogs that we ad people peruse. Its what we do. Anyhow, being the "boss" of a company, I found this very useful and have applied it to the ways thing are going to improve here at Circle Advertising this year. More than likely, it will be useful to anyone who reads it, so listen up, Chuck.

1. Producing Smart individuals is the first step; teaching them to collaborate is the second.

2. Teach people to fight as if they are right and listen as if they are wrong.

3. Teach people to treat innovation as an import export business.

4. Teach experts to seek out novices, and novices to seek out experts.

5. Teaching people to succeed isn't enough; teach them how to fail too.


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