Sunday, October 15, 2006

There's a Place for Us...

So, here I am as I usually am, drooling over some tasty morsel of information that I just read about... I read A LOT. Anyways, being a twenty something - soon to graduate - individual I find myself perplexed by the really original question of "what am I going to do after college?"

Well folks, I'm lookin' and I'm likin' because the world, where I thought a person like me with a brain that "goes both ways" would end up an eternal outcast, is changing.

Creative Business is the new age, and baby a great age it is.

Here is an excerpt from business week that talks about this corporate cultural shift:

The Knowledge Economy as we know it is being eclipsed by something new -- call it the Creativity Economy. Even as policymakers and pundits wring their hands over the outsourcing of engineering, software writing, accounting, and myriad other high-tech, high-end service jobs -- not to mention the move of manufacturing to Asia -- U.S. companies are evolving to the next level of economic activity.

What was once central to corporations -- price, quality, and much of the left-brain, digitized analytical work associated with knowledge -- is fast being shipped off to lower-paid, highly trained Chinese and Indians, as well as Hungarians, Czechs, and Russians. Increasingly, the new core competence is creativity -- the right-brain stuff that smart companies are now harnessing to generate top-line growth. The game is changing. It isn't just about math and science anymore. It's about creativity, imagination, and, above all, innovation.

What is unfolding is the commoditization of knowledge. We have seen global forces undermine autos, electronics, and other manufacturing, but the Knowledge Economy was expected to last forever and play to America's strengths: great universities, terrific labs, smart immigrants, an entrepreneurial business culture.

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Drink it down creatives, it always goes down smooth!


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